Future Plans for the RR&G

Please refer to the RR&G Route Map.

Short-term Goals

In the very near future, we plan to install air brakes on the M4. A new horn and proper control stand will likely follow. A bell would be nice, too.


After that, the track on the Switchback needs some repair and general maintenance. Once complete, we'll have an operational wye to add to the Long Leaf Loop.


Mid-term Goals

It is our hope to extend the railroad from the current End-of-Track south of Sandersville north through Sandersville and then along the west leg of the Long Leaf Junction Wye to the east side of the former RR&G bridge over the Union Pacific Lake Charles Subdivision. Here, we would like to construct a new (and smaller) wye. Once completed, we can begin regular/scheduled operations.


Long-term Goals

Since the beginning, we've dreamed of returning steam to Long Leaf. Once we have a railroad to run it on, we plan to either acquire a locomotive to operate/restore or restore one of the three currently on-site. Either way, it will cost a ton of money and fundraising/grant writing efforts will be required.


There are trucks and frames on site upon which a caboose and new excursion cars can be constructed.


The Ultimate Dream Goal

If everything above can be accomplished and the RR&G is running regular trains behind steam power, we can turn our sights towards extending the railroad again. With the cooperation of the Crowell family, we may be able to rebuild the railroad south on the abandoned grade of the Meridian Line. Unfortunately we can't get all the way to the former logging camp of Meridian, but we can go about 7 miles to Cocodrie Lake. This will be enormously expensive (around 10 million), but would give the railroad a 14 mile round trip through the dense, beautiful forests of central Louisiana. The increased tourism will be a strong economic engine, boosting the local economy.


Current End-of-Serviceable Track at MP 11.20, near Sandersville Crossing.