Red River & Gulf M2


















Active, in service

This Fairmont A-4 was donated to the Museum by Harry Purnell, who purchased it at a Seaboard Coast Line auction of surplus equipment. It is believed that the cars is probably of Seaboard Railroad ancestry.


RRG M2 on Track 1 at the Engine House




RRG M2 on the main to Long Leaf Jct.


Dave Ward and M2 shortly after Dave finished restoring the A4 to service after 6 years of inactivity.


RRG M2 and RRG M1


In September 2007, Bob Carroll (SFHM Director) asked Everett Lueck if he could repair the A-4 car to get it back in service. Starting in January 2008, Everett spent several weekends at Long Leaf, with the idea of getting the car ready to run for the April Heritage Day festival, at which Harry Purnell (the donor of the A4), and his family would attend.


On January 19, Everett was to get the A-4 car running and took it out for a test run, up and down the old RR&G main, north of the engine house. It was the first time in many years that there were two cars running anywhere on the old RR&G.


By February 17, 2008, Everett had the panels put back on the outside, front and rear, and the first couple of coats of primer and paint on the car.


The yellow turned out to be the wrong shade, so after this photo, proper Caterpillar Yellow was ordered.


By March 15, 2007, the A-4 restoration was nearing completion.

Former SFHM Director, Bob Carroll, takes her for a test run.


 April 16, 2007 (SFHM Heritage Day), the restoration was complete and Harry Purnell (the donor) brought his family out for a ride.

At the time the car was numbered DP-1 in honor of former museum director Don Powell.