Crowell & Spencer - McGiffert Log Loader #1229


















Undergoing restoration


The SFHM rosters two of the remaining 6 or 7 McGiffert Log Loaders that remain in North America.  Between 1900 and 1954, the three Crowell companies rostered at least 7 of these remarkable machines and after World War II it is believed that there were at least four remaining at Long Leaf.


Scattered throughout the woods, away from the museum site, are a sufficient number of parts that suggest the existence of two machines other than #1229 and #1230 which are still here at the museum. #1229, a second  hand machine purchased by Crowell and Spencer from  Powell Lumber Co., is in front of the machine shop and is undergoing a 10 year cosmetic (and perhaps, operational) restoration by Museum Volunteers David Hamilton and John Weiss.  In 2016, the milestone of raising the boom has #1229 looking more and more like a true loader.  #1230, the last Crowell and Spencer loader, shipped just 14 days after #1229, resides behind the engine house and machine shop on the lead track for the Car Knockers Shed.


#1229 in 1971


#1229 in 1980


#1229 in 2009, beside the RR&G Engine House



Below is a series of photos taken on May 7, 2016 showing the "raising of the booms!"

John and David raised the bottom of the two legs of the boom and attached them to the loader itself earlier in 2016, but the weight of the boom was too much for the old Insley crawler crane to lift by itself. It was decided to bring in a large crane from Hayes Crane Service to lift the boom and use the Insley to lift the cables for the boom (which weighed in excess of 600#).

The pictures show the McGiffert ready for the boom raising, David moving the Insley into position, John, Gerald and WD raising the boom and attaching the support cable by its link and pin assembly, and then WD lowering his crane, and the sling dropping free.

David moves the Insley into position



Up goes the boom!


John, Gerald and WD raising the boom and attaching the support cable by its link and pin assembly.



WD lowering his crane and the sling dropping free.


Finally the McGiffert looks like a McGiffert is supposed to look!


McGiffert #1230 on the Car Knockers Lead Track behind the Machine Shop


McGiffert #1230


McGiffert #1230


McGiffert #1229


McGiffert #1229