Work Session #4

April 21-23, 2017

The Crowell family (that built Long Leaf) still owns the surrounding lands and is an active lumber company. Recently they logged much of the land north of the town. In doing so, that asked us to temporarily severe the main line to Long Leaf Junction (Sandersville Branch). That worked was done by Harry, Bill, and Tucker.


During Work Session #4, Bill and Dave sprayed the ROW all the way to where the rails are cut and down to the first washout on the upper switchback. Grass is growing like crazy out there. They would have sprayed the lower switchback but needed to gauge the rails to make sure they would stay on, but didn't get a chance on to do it. They also put a new muffler on the A-4 Sunday.

Everett reworked the switch stand behind the planer mill and made new targets for it on the extension, so it is now properly oriented. He also purchased materials to install bridge ties (bolts and washers).


The rails are temporarily severed near the current end-of-track near Sandersville Crossing.

While the loss of trees is unsightly, we can now easily access this area to clear out the equipment

and continue reconstructing the mainline to Long Leaf Jct.







Recently ogged area north and east of the Reserve Log Pond




Trucks on the mainline at the recently cleared area. This fall we may begin clearing the equipment out of this area.