Work Session #5

April May 13-14, 2017


To join the fun, contact the railroad at: WorkSession @ (no spaces)


Track work and vegetation control on the Switchback Wye will continue. If time permits, construction of the washout bridge will start.





April 22, 2017

0800 - 1800

-Hotel kitchen (Crew Lounge) Planning Session & Safety Brief

-Replace ties and install gauge bars

-Clear vegetation

-Finish bridge construction at washout on Upper Leg of Switchback Wye


March 26, 2017

0800 - 1100
-Complete as many unfinished tasks as possible by 10 AM and clean up.

-Operate Motor Cars M1, M2, and M4 on the railroad

What to Bring (Optional)

-Chainsaw (gas)


-Leaf Blowers (gas)


-Work Gloves

-Work Boots

-A Positive Attitude (Not Optional)



The Long Leaf Motel will sleep several people at no charge. Rooms are first come, first served.


If we run out of space, there are reputable hotels in nearby Alexandria and Oakdale.


At the end of the weekend, we will operate some motorcars over the repaired section.

In addition, we'll allow the volunteers to run the equipment around the Loop and out to Sandersville.