Work Session (Unscheduled)

March 3, 2018


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RR&G Road Master Tucker Baker and George continue to work on the washout on the Switchback Wye.


Tucker's Notes:


What Was Accomplished:

- Needs more than just culvert installation, needs complete bridge. Culvert was installed and ties for bridge construction were brought to the washout. You will notice we actually dug down some to put the culvert at the water line of the pool that was forming on the high ground side. Once we had the culvert set, we then filled in the pool with dirt. Any rock in this area would certainly help.


What Was Learned:

- We need to gauge track up to the washout for more effective work on the washout. Next time I'm out there, I'm going to install ties and gauge bars as necessary to get track into gauge


- Next Steps:

- Gauge track to washout, fill in another six inches of dirt over culvert, then install box set of ties over culvert for bridge foundation